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Nadine Napolitano Bio

Nadine began as a researcher in the juvenile field, patenting several products. Her focus of research was on the anatomy and child physical development.  She did copy for some major juvenile companies and reviewed hard and soft goods for some for safety and anatomical design before releasing them for public sale.  She wrote holistic articles for the juvenile industry.

When she designed her soft infant carrier, it was the first carrier that supported the child’s hip joints and neck for proper skeletal development, the strapping design was equally designed to carry the infant’s weight without adult discomfort.  It was the first and only child carrier used for children with disabilities, allowing parents or caregivers to carry the disabled infant or toddler with full support.  Her diaper design was one of the first reusable fitted diaper. Her goal in design was to offer a diaper with the ease of use of a disposable but with no chemical exposure to the infant’s skin. She researched fabrics to find a completely organic cotton, an absorbent organic layer and a waterproof layer that breathed for proper health. Her design was so successful it grew the attention of major disposable diaper manufacturers. The exposure of infant injuries including burns and infections from disposables through her research resulted in threats against her; she was told to stop reporting her findings.  

She leased out many of her patents to independent companies in Canada. This coincided with the birth of her last child, giving her time for family which was important to her.  It also gave her time to continue her research on chemical exposure and poorly designed products in juvenile products.

Nadine had a great interest in the field of Nutraceuticals, she raised her eleven children in a home without chemicals, researching and developing holistic formulations for cleaning the home and caring for her children.  She researched balancing and harmonizing the body to prevent her children from colds and flus.  Because her mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, she learned to research and discover reactions to the body under stress or interactions from one supplement to another. One of her first discoveries was the correlation between using grapefruit juice and drug dosages. Her mother went into a coma when a nurse gave her Cipro with a glass of grapefruit juice. After researching grapefruit juice can help absorb a drug faster and give it more potency, she realized this was the cause of the coma. No one listened to her theory until years later when mainstream medicine finally admitted what she had discovered.

After having a head trauma from a rear end collision, she was told to use several drugs but her adversity towards chemically altering her body with drugs prompted her to seek a way to overcome her injury. She found holistic approaches to her pain and with the help of doctor of like minds, she discovered certain foods changed the brain’s chemistry. By changing her diet to exclude these foods her memory and cognitive functions returned.

During her healing period, her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jesicha was a children’s clothing designer, spending time in NYC. There her colleagues convinced Jesicha chemo and radiation along with surgery was the best thing. The doctors convinced her they knew it all and they were the best. Any mention of anything natural, and her friends laughed at it telling her that her mother had brainwashed her into thinking natural things were better. After having more chemo and radiation than any 93 pound young lady should ever have, Jesicha was in a poor physical state and begged her mother to help her.

Nadine arranged a trip to Mexico after studying how best to approach killing cancer. She took her to Hope 4 Cancer clinic where she had three weeks of treatment. While there both learned from the doctors many truths hidden from the public about cancer and it lives as well dies. Jesicha set up with Nadine, Jesicha’s Hope organization where ongoing research, availability to new information, support and continued search for places that could truly stop cancer progression.

Shortly after returning home, Jesicha died of the effects from her multiple doses of chemo drugs and radiation on her liver and heart.  Nadine vowed to continue the work.

Her quest to find the curative Holy Grail for cancer sent her searching the world.

She found some interesting treatment. Many were dead ends. Remedies gave temporary promise, but recurrences or sudden progression took too many lives. Dr Jimenez from Hope 4 Cancer introduced her to BX Protocol. This formulation she reported stopped cancer progression quickly; however, in a short time cancer progression started again. After supporting and monitoring many patients using BX she concluded it was a protocol that may be useful in dire situations to stop cancer progression and give the patient time to explore another more useful treatment but it was not a treatment to count on beyond the initial dosages. She received a negative response from the company. Dr Jimenez stopped using it in view of the findings. She began to get threats from Delta, the company producing BX Protocol. She was used to getting threats when going up against a large company, this was no different.

She started to compile data on the experiences of patients she monitored for several cancer clinics. The survival rate she noted was based mainly on the patient’s exposure to chemotherapy drugs and radiation. She found no matter what treatment a patient used if the body had sustained organ damage from chemotherapy or radiation without positive intervention to restore that organ, the patient would die. The blame on alternative treatments was unfounded in most cases; it was the oncologist’s chemo and radiation treatments prior that were to blame. Most patients understand this, they know there is no guarantee, going to any clinic is a last resort for most when Nadine feels an alternative to chemo or radiation treatment should be everyone’s first resort.

Her research in the last 4 years has focused on Preventative and After-Care. She has found several treatments that can kill cancer. Cancer is not as fearful as mainstream Western Medicine wants the public to believe, she states. Targeting cancer tumors is ludicrous she says, because cancer cells are everywhere in the body, and beginning to grow metastases. Just because you can’t detect them doesn’t mean they are not there.  Killing one tumor is a cruel joke, when there are twenty more growing somewhere in the body.  She has found you need to kill cancer everywhere in the body, without using a drug with side effects; this is available now.

Curative treatments are possible, no need to search for the cure. Doctors, she believes know there are cures out there but are beholding to Big Pharma.

Her research on cancer and how it affects the body, what causes it and how to overcome challenges during and after treatments continues. She has written numerous articles found on her site designed just for publishing her articles for the general public, Jesicha’s Hope Athenaeum. She uses multiple unbiased sources for her research. Scientists paid to research a specific theory are biased towards giving the answer most beneficial towards who pays them; she said she can’t rely on their findings.

She was invited to review the data and research by Terry Wright after he had read her articles on cancer and her views on Rife frequencies. He showed her how he had discovered how to kill cancer cells anywhere in the body, this intrigued Nadine and she jumped at the chance to review his work. He was a brilliant scientist from America, now living for security reasons in the Philippines.   

They began working together, studying what occurs when cancer dies.  This is how they discovered Cytodefense -Cyto – meaning cell, defense – meaning defend. Other formulas were developed based on his discovery of how to use nano particles to make a formula that a cell will take in and then a trigger opens it up to turn off the cell to kill it.

Watching the cancer cells die introduced her to the role bacteria, fungus and viruses play in how cancer grows and how they affect the body after cancer dies.  Doctors don’t even recognize this occurring, or they are just ignoring it, either way she says patients don’t have to die of infections after killing cancer. The Cyto-Defense does a perfect job, there are no side effects and pathogens don’t become resistant to Cyto-Defense.   

Her Preventative and After-Care research continues. Discovering ways to beat the challenges patients face after die off or before they begin an alternate holistic treatment from chemo or radiation damage seems insurmountable, but she preserves.  A simple protocol can turn stop liver damage and allow it to restore. Ascites can be stopped without the use of drugs. If you search long enough and hard enough, she said you will find answers. That is just what she is continuing to do.