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In house 4th Generation PDT is found to reset the body after Lyme Disease has become an autoimmune disorder.
It was found that after treating Lyme symptoms over time the body reacts against any healing, causing relapses. The 4th Generation PDT is able to reset the body so healing can continue without further relapses.

Auto-immune disorders must be treated in-house. The stay is shorter than a cancer treatment program.  Please talk with one of us if you have a patient with an autoimmune disease. We will provide you with funds to complete their aftercare. Working together we heal more.



 Naturopaths and Chiropractors that have cancer can come for treatment and complete our course to partner with us. For a limited time we are waiving the class fee.



Learn how to help your clients or patients by having better tools and knowledge at your finger tips.


Learn about Nanotechnology and how it is used in our development of our formulas and in-house treatments.
Our classes brings you to the forefront of where medicine will be in ten years. We are doing it today.
With the basic understand of why and how nanotechnology can bring about healing without damaging healthy cells, you can offer to your patients and clients new ways and options for healing. We believe using our formulations and techniques can help people and animals reverse and overcome their illnesses and disorders. 
Please contact us for full details on our classes. Go to the contact page.

We provide access to our Preventative and After-Care Program.

You can rely on us for the latest research and sources to help prevent illnesses, restore health, repair damage to the body and help overcome some of the most difficult healing problems, like ascites, liver and kidney failure, platelet levels and infections. Our findings are from observing hundreds of patients between us over two decades.
Our research takes us to explore obscure scientific papers, unbiased scientist's experiences and observations and from our own hand's on work helping people overcome, restore and repair their bodies after fighting cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Please contact us for full details on our Preventative and After-Care Program, discover how to partner with us.

Once you have partnered with us to help your clients or patients, we will give you access to our formulations and devices at a discount.  You will have access to our Preventative and After-Care findings, protocols and keep you updated on new information or product options as we continue to discover something new.

If you chose not to partner with us, you may at our discretion be provided with our support in Preventative and After-Care on a case by case basis, at a reasonable rate. Formulations and devices will be available to your client or patient for a slightly less donation.

INDIVIDUAL INQUIRES: If you do not have a healthcare professional to help you please contact us we will never turn you away. Contact Us NOW