About the Partners

Partnering Together Changes Lives


   Terry Wright

He has been a scientist and researcher in the field of mainstream conventional medical devices since the 1970's. His work is well known and used in hospitals and ambulances across the globe.
After retiring he was urged by his partner to seek out a way to kill cancer. It was all he needed to come out of retirement and begin researching, this time outside of the boundaries of conventional medicine.


   Nadine Napolitano

She began her work as a designer and researcher in the juvenile field of soft-goods, focusing on anatomically designed products. After the death of her daughter from the side-effects of chemotherapy while treating her daughter's cancer she turned her research interests to how to help people overcome such effects and ultimately survive. 




The Cyto-Research Program born out of a need to meet the challenges we saw while observing hundreds of people trying to overcome cancer and autoimmune disorders. Drugs were suppressing the immune system making their ability to repair or restore health nearly and sometimes impossible to achieve

Many of those we have both tried to help overcome and survive cancer have lost their battle. It was not the fault of the cancer itself but the damages to the body from all side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and from the infections released during die-off of cancer cells.
Watching people die when they could been saved was the motivation needed to put these two together. In a joint effort to help people beat the odds, new research brought about the discoveries of formulas we see saving lives today.


We welcome holistic healthcare advocates to join us in helping others discover the benefits of our research and development of our formulations.

Through our combined efforts many will benefit.  It is our goal to spread the availability of our formulas to those seeking renewed health and wellness. Through monitoring the use of the formulations we are able to continue our research and better help overcome obstacles in recovery.


If you are a naturopath, chiropractor, medical doctor or other health professional, and you want to join in our efforts contact us.
Together health, healing and wellness will be seen amongst your patients and clients.

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We do not treat patients or sell our formulations to the general public. If you have cancer or an autoimmune disease and looking for help please contact us for a list of health professionals able to offer our formulas. We do not turn anyone away, we will find someone to help you.