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The Cyto-Nano Solution was formulated by Terry Wright when he was studying how exactly did cancer cells live and stay strong. He noticed how the took in their 'food' and utilized it.  If he could produce something that cancer cells would want to 'eat' but would ultimately kill them he could conceivably kill any cancer cell.  Chemotherapies and other treatments work to kill cancer cells from the outside making the risk of damaging health cells high. Using Nano molecules you could enter into the cancer cell, do your damage and never harm a healthy cell.  A solution that would be irresistible to cancer cells but not healthy cells would insure the solution would be absorbed by every cancer cell, no matter where in the body they were hiding. 
This was his goal. He understood how they absorbed 'food' to sustain themselves. Cancer cells are high energy cells, they need a lot to keep them growing and staying alive. When they create tumors their blood supply is created quickly thus is leaky. Using this to his advantage he created a solution of nano molecules that appeared to the cancer cell as glucose or sugar, once inside it would give the cancer cell a fatal blow. 
Cyto-Nano Solution targets all cancer cells, no matter where they are in the body it will seek out cancer cells, get sucked in and do its damage. Because cancer cells are so 'hungry' and in need of energy the Cyto-Nano Solution is quickly taken in within a short time of taking it.  You only need a few doses of it before seeing on tests that cancer is dying or completely dead in many cases.

While we cannot guarantee recurrence will not occur, we do know that over 90 percent of all cancer can be killed using Cyto-Nano Solution.  We know that if an immune response does not occur the chance of a recurrence is there.  The immune system needs to see the cancer cells as 'bad' cells and create an antibody against that particular cell so if there is a stray cell or two out there, the immune system will find them and kill them before they do more harm.  When the immune reaction does not occur those stray cells may become a recurrence. We know our 4th Generation PDT can create the immune reaction, but if patients cannot get to us for the in house PDT we cannot guarantee the Cyto-Nano Solution kill off will cause a sufficient immune response. We are still watching and have great hope.

If you have interest in using Cyto-Nano Solution please contact us or become partners with us to have full access to our formulations. We do not sell our formulations to the general public, we work with health professionals only for research and advancement in disease resolution.

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