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For years people have wondered if cell phones, printers, computers, even that cell tower looming on the hill above your house could cause damage to your body. Using advanced technology Wright was able to follow the disturbances of the body. He discovered the worry was indeed real, he was able to measure electrical disturbances in the life force of the body when exposed to radiation and EMF's, including the 5G services.


Knowing the damages he was able to understand the impact of nuclear radiation on humans. It reached far beyond what the media wanted you to believe. Furthermore, your computer, cell phone, electronics in the workplace, home and anywhere you visited that used any technological electronics were altering your cells life force.  Could this be changed?


Radiation can affect you in two ways: one is direct and the second is through damage to the life force. This latter damage lowers your resistance to damage and disease. Dr Garcia, Wright's attending physician and partner in their in-house treatment plan, says every cancer patient he treats all have radiation damage, their energy is way down and it is hard to combat disease, especially cancer.  This may not be the cause they say but it most certainly prevents the body from healing or preventing disease.


Structured water is essential, the Cyto-Energy Cards can repair the damage. We all have life force, it is what keeps our cells line up and working in harmony. Religions speak of life energy and scientists have been studying it. No one could really measure the damage, let alone repair it. Being able to measure the damage with their advanced technology was a huge step. Many had theorized about the damage to the life force and made products that claimed repair but until it could be properly measured no one knew if they worked or not. When Wright measured such products he found most were useless and could not do what they claimed.

A life force device was created using over ten layers of microscopic vacuumed deposited conductors and layers of dielectric organic material, combined carefully into a sealed card.  They were tested to measure their strength and ability to repair life force damage.  They used the cards on plain water and after the water sat on a card for 30 minutes the water's surface tension changed as well as the rate of evaporation.  After sitting on the card and consumed, the newly structured water repaired the damage to the person's life force.


Each card made is tested before it is ready for use.

Anyone in today's world, being exposed to microwaves, cell phone, electronic devices. computers or have had any radiation for cancer absolutely needs to have at least one card. They should be used everyday to maintain complete life force balance in the body.





More Videos to understand how the cards make a difference in your life.

EMF radiation testing and treating of woman Informal Discussion and Testing of EMF damage and body repair

They did further research to discover what occurs when you give plants structured water? The experiment is shown below:

Just think of how beneficial it would be to water your vegetables with structured water.  All your vegetables will grow faster, be healthier and have higher yield. Nadine says she helped a berry farmer to develop a way to create enough structured water to water his berry bushes. He took growing organically to a whole new level, she says. The yield was higher, the bushes were healthier keeping off pests and any type of fungus. It was a success.


Cyto-Energy Cards were made in the Philippines making it hard to get them. Nurturtech has been assigned an exclusive on producing and distributing the Cyto-Energy Cards.  It is a time consuming process to correctly produce a Cyto-Energy Card, each layer must be precise to create the structured water and repair the radiation damage or protect from radiation damage.

They come in three sizes, small, standard and large. The small is credit card size, small enough to keep with you with your cell phone or in your wallet.  The Standard cards are perfect for daily use to structure your drinking water.  30 - 40 minutes on a card and your water is ready to repair your body after a day's exposure to all the electrical disturbances to your life force.  The large card is designed to be used by gardeners, or farmers wanting to structure water for large amounts of water or offices wanting to structure large bottled water containers.



 Every naturopathic office, any holistic practitioner, chiropractor, organic garden shop, or health food store that cares about helping people overcome radiation damage from EMF's and other radiation sources  should use Cyto-Energy Cards and provide a supply to their clients, customers or patients.  IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.


Go to NURTURTECH  hit the Cyto-Energy Card link. Read more information provided and get your cards today. Nurturtech has put together a wholesale package that will meet anyone's needs or buy them singly.





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