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When a patient cannot travel for financial or medical reasons we offer a way to help stabilize patients so they may travel at a later time or to help put them into a remission state without the final treatment using our in-house 4th Generation PDT.

Our Home Research Program is designed to allow doctors and other health professionals able to assist patients in bringing about stabilization of the current patient status and/or to continue to hopefully bring about a remission status.

The program gives access to our formulas; Cyto-Nano, Cyto-Defense and Cyto-Card device, with full support from everyone at Cyto-Research. Our expertise and data will be available to help bring about the best results.

The program works through using our Cyto-Nano solution that enters cancer cells as a Nano molecule as food which turns on the cell causing death after entry. We disguise our solution as food for cancer but it is like a Trojan horse, once inside the solution turns on the cell killing it.  We know that when cancer dies it releases pathogens. These bacteria, viruses and fungus quickly begin to break down the patient's health, causing many cancer patient deaths.  After much research we developed a formula that is able to kill even the most resistant bacteria, viruses and fungus. We use this formula in conjunction with our Nano formula, eliminating pathogens as they are released from cancer cells. The Cyto-Cards help eliminate a major catalyst to cancer growth and reason why cancer begins. EMF and Radiation damage to the body helps to promote cancer to start and continue to grow. Every cancer patient tested has this radiation damage. Our cards help to eliminate this damage and continues to prevent such damage as it is used everyday. 

The combination of our formulas and device brings to patients a way to stop cancer scientifically without any side-effects.

Every practitioner using this program is able to give cancer patient are real and true method to stop cancer.

ATTENTION: As the world is still in a whirlwind of unpredictable times we understand the hardship many have. Suffering still is occurring, cancer, auto-immune disorders, all are still affecting families around the world. We will continue our efforts in covering our costs only during this time. Our donation amount is normally 4,000 usd$, we will give people the opportunity to have access to our Home Research Program for $3000, a $1000 savings.  Payment plans are also available if you can give us a reason for your hardship. We send out all of the formulas to you at once, that means you are getting $4000 worth of formulas and support from day one, the amount of $3000 is expected to be paid in full. We cannot operate and continue our research when one or two payments are made and the rest are not received. Thank you for appreciating our generosity.  Contact us immediately to get onto the program. The formulas will be available as long as our supply lasts, remember we are at the mercy of restrictions too.

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