CTYTO-DEFENSE is a proprietary nanoparticle blend of copper, zinc, sulfur, silver, nitrogen, H2O and methylene blue. All ingredients were chosen for their strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.  It is beneficial in combating both topical and internal infections in both humans and animals. It has the ability to get inside bacteria, viral and fungal cells to disrupt their replication process.


 proprietary formulation created by Terry Wright using nanotechnology chemistry.
After years of research into how cancer cells stay alive he was able to discover how to control every cancer cell, no matter where they were growing.
His formulation uses no toxic chemicals and creates no side effects.


CYTO-ENERGY CARDS are created using a proprietary design that are able to restructure water molecules as nature intended. There is a life force energy that is always around us. When we are exposed to  radiation or EMF's there is damage to our life force energy.  This device is able to quickly eliminate the damage and reconstruct the proper life force energy.

4th GENERATION PHOTO DYNAMIC THERAPY is developed using proprietary designed PDT lamps. [the one shown to the left is our small one, anything larger would burn the camera lens] Each lamp is designed to reach into the body to come in contact with our proprietary nano molecule sensitizer. Our sensitizer was the first  nanoparticle solution developed by Terry Wright.  It was his goal to make a PDT that would reach beyond the first layers of the skin.