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The principle is simple. A sensitizer is put into the body and if designed properly it goes to bad organisms like cancer, bacteria or viruses. When a light of the right wavelength activates it, it converts the oxygen nera it to a very toxic for of oxygen which kills the bad organisms.

Like any technology, PDT has been improving over time, making new advancements in the sensitizer and lasers. 
The first generation sensitizer, photofrin and ALA, had big problems that could not be overcome. They would accumulate in the skin and were activated by UV, their activating wavelength is heavily absorbed by the blood.
The second and third generation sensitizer, chlorin and chlorin derivative molecules solved some issues but had poor selectivity and still had an unacceptable penetration depth. All have low selective issues. Most cannot be used for most applications.
There is only one 4th Generation sensitizer in existence because no other scientist has created a perfect nano molecule shell for their sensitizer. The nano molecules are critical for targeting cancer well enough to treat deep into the body.  It will kill cancer.

The light source is critical. It needs to be concentrated and exactly the right wavelength (color) and of high intensity to work

Terry Wright has created three different light sources, all custom made using his proprietary specifications to make an exact match to the his sensitizer.  While others use a 100 dollars worth of fluorescent bulbs, he uses high power lasers and even higher power arrays which cost between $10,000 USD to $35,000 USD each. This allows the light to get to the center of the body where most cancer is found.

There are many advantages to using the 4th Generation PDT: it has 2 times higher quantum yield, exactly the right wavelength and does not leave the body until the cancer is dead. You will not need recurring dosage at a high cost. And more importantly, it is a nano particle which results in 85 times more in cancer cells than in normal cells.

4th Generation PDT is also essentially in the treatment of autoimmune disease. READ MORE When the sensitizer gets into the cells that are not operating correctly, or it reaches bacteria, viruses or fungus, they absorb the sensitizer. The laser lights will activate the sensitizer within the cells causing either death as in killing cancer, bacteria, viruses or fungus but will reset the immune system. Much like when you reset your computer, when the immune system resets it no longer allows the over activity of immune response. Lyme disease in advanced stages is an autoimmune disorder, MS or Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Aids and others, all can be reversed. This means chronic diseases or disorders are a thing of the past. The body given the right tools like 4th Generation PDT can cure itself.

One Lyme disease patient stated: " I had Lyme disease for 20 years, everything I did would help the symptoms for a while then return again. Not until I used the 4th Generation PDT did I see the difference. Now I am seeing my supplements work, slowly my body is repairing itself and there are no further setbacks. It was so worth doing."

As a partner with us you have the opportunity to send your clients or patients to us for the 4th Generation PDT. Because the lasers are so expensive and the sensitizer so specific they cannot be shipped or set up easily in other locations.  Dr Garcia, the attending physician in house is highly trained in administration of the sensitizer and using the laser lights. Depending on localized areas of large tumors, as in prostate cancers, breast cancers or abdominal cancers, he uses specific laser lights, for leukemia he uses the large light, and autoimmune disorders require a full light.

understanding the lasers and sensitizer uses and benefits for scientific purposes


We welcome you to contact us to discuss sharing the 4th Generation PDT with your clients or patients.


Heard about PDT? Wait! before you think all PDT treatments are created equal and they are all like ours think again!  Discover what others use and think they will fool you into thinking they can do what our 4th Generation PDT will do. 

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