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   When there is a need there should be someone there to fill it. We fill that need.
   Watching people die after struggling to do all they could to survive cancer was heartbreaking. There had to be something some could do to lower the statistics.
Why do people die after receiving a treatment that killed a large part of their cancer? Why do people die from side effects of chemotherapy? What can be done to reverse these problems?

   Challenges loomed ahead without answers.

   Cyto-Research stepped up to meet those challenges.
   We knew if we looked hard enough the answers would be there. Most scientists are paid to see only what they are paid to see, we are not beholding to any research center, university or pharmaceutical company, our work is unbiased. There are no boundaries we are told to stay within, so we look outside the 'box' and find answers where you would least expect them to be.
For some challenges we saw the answer right in front of us. How could mainstream western medicine overlook what was plainly visible? If we were to judge, we would say, they overlooked the answers because profits would go down.

   We are not afraid of the word 'cure'. It means to end a disease or disorder. When you stop the cause, you can begin to reverse the symptoms, then 'curing' becomes a reality.

   Our job was to step in and fix the damages caused by using the wrong treatment methods. Using poisons never cured anyone. Our bodies are wrongly affected by poisons, that means anyone that used them will have damage. Once they realize poisons are wrong and switch to a positive treatment plan, those damages still exist and will hinder recovery or cure. Cyto-Research is meeting that need to stop the damages.

   Other challenges were surprising discoveries. We noticed certain pathogens resided inside and outside cancer cells. They had this symbiotic relationship with each other. Killing the cancer cells set a course of full onslaught infections in the patient. Our latest discovery Cyto-Defense met this challenge. We can stop the infections with no worry of resistance from even the strongest bacteria or viruses. Brain tumors are known to have Cytomegalovirus in them, which may be a primary cause. We can now change the course of brain tumor recovery.

   We are recognizing the needs to improve survivals and meeting those challenges.

General Public Inquires

We do not treat patients or sell our formulations to the general public. If you have cancer or an autoimmune disease and looking for help please contact us for a list of health professionals able to offer our formulas. We do not turn anyone away, we will find someone to help you.


Attention Cancer Patients:  During the pandemic crisis we are working with doctors and directly with patients using out Home Research Program for cancer at a greatly discounted amount of donation to us. We ask only to cover our costs. Until further notice this will remain in effect.


" I was feeling better but around the old tumor area the skin was hot and red. My oncologist told me it was the cancer returning and offered me chemotherapy. He said the scan showed cancer. I had used an alternative treatment by Cytoluminator so I went to them for their opinion. I was so surprised and relieved to find the scan showed inflammation, a sign of infection, not cancer. The treated me for infection with the Cyto-Defense. I was amazed to see in days the infection coming out and the redness receding. How could the oncologist been so wrong? " C.W.

" Thanks to these great people my daughter is alive and well. Her brain tumor was inoperable. They gave her so much chemo she developed epilepsy I was told. But it didn't worry the doctors because they assumed she would be dead in year. After I met Terry I knew my daughter was in the right hands. They stopped the tumor growth and today it is gone. She is alive, well and learning 4 years later  Her epilepsy is controlled and hopefully one day her body will be restored. We are just so happy to have our little girl." G.

"I did not want to use chemotherapy. I knew the side effects and the risks were greater than the fear of cancer. I found Terry and knew his Nano sounded like it was an answer. His 4th Generation PDT was going to give me immunity, that was what I wanted. I gladly traveled to them for the whole treatment. After two years of being cancer free when my friend told me she was just diagnosed with cancer I didn't hesitate to tell her, we was buying tickets and going to the Philippines. And we did! She too was in awe at how fast the Nano worked. Now we are both cancer free."  C.

"My son had leukemia and was forced to take chemotherapy. I knew it was going to kill him before the leukemia. I found Nadine and sought her support and empathy in my forced situation. She told me she could help stop the leukemia in days. If the blood tests showed no cancer they would let him go home. Just don't tell them what killed it, they won't be happy she told me. I received the formulations and gave them to my son. He was well enough to go home by the end of the week. The leukemia never returned." Mr. M.

A dramatic life changing experience for the mother of Naomi: See before and after of a terminal brain cancer patient.

And there are so many many more we have helped lives.

Success Is Recognized

"If you read what others have explored and discovered; giving you food for thought, then you may soon ask questions of the status quo.  Questions are keys that open the door to answers, possibilities, and opportunities. Let the wisdom flow in and let yourself begin to wonder what possibilities are awaiting you." Nadine Napolitano

 It is no wonder that like so many before us when they dare to change the status quo those that stand to lose try to strike them down. But we are not new to such distain, both of us have faced this challenge before. This time they are bigger adversaries and will stop at nothing to be sure people continue to die at their hands and not be saved at ours.  It is a sad true fact.

Mainstream conventional medicine has set out to make us look like charlatans, enough so both of us have received threats.  Mainstream conventional medicine doesn't like to be shown up as doing something wrong, they spend a lot of money on telling people their magic poisons is the best there is.  We have been touted as fakes, scammers and killers. Make it look plausible and the general public will believe it. No one in the world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the greater general population.  The billions earned from cancer by the mainstream conventional medicine proves this true.

We hope a portion of the general population will prove them wrong. Don't be a sheep, step outside the mainstream boundaries where the word 'cure' is made possible.